The Riso prints on A3 paper (420 x 297 mm). However, it cannot print to the edge of the paper (full bleed). Please make sure that your design is no bigger than the max printable area, which is 400 x 277 mm.


If you would like a full-bleed poster we can of course trim it to full-bleed for you. If you would like us to cut off the white margin please add 4 mm bleed all around the art work while still fitting both design + bleed within the printable area. The cropped poster will approximately be 393 x 270 mm.

Do not add crop marks or other markers as they will only reduce the finished size of your poster or design since you would also have to fit them within the printable area. Due to slight misregistration you might also end up with crop marks in your final product. Instead tell us how big you want your final printed matter to be/how much you want us to trim off.

*Bleed is a few mm of your design that will be cut off to ensure that there are no white lines left after the trimming. Please do not leave any important information in the bleed area since they might be cut off when we trim your design to full bleed.

A3: 420 x 297 mm

Max printable area: 400 x 277 mm